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Message of Solidarity (EUA)

dezembro 5, 2009

Sisters & Brothers of the good struggle for the ouster of the corrupt governor of the DF,

From the city of Boston, and in the name of all the solidarity activists in the region, we raise our fists today in the name of your cause.
From the great resistance of the Honduran people against the fascist coup, to the struggle against transnational mineral exploitation in Mesoamerica, to the fight against imperialism by the progressive governments of South America, your actions form part of the general revolution for the autonomy of Latin America.
With hope we are watching the social movements of Brazil, knowing that they will be fundamantal in affecting the movement towards a better, more peaceful & just continent.

Adelante compañer@s!

Abrazos solidarios,
Simon Rios
Committee in Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance